Safety Tips for Solar Eclipse Viewing

Safety Tips for Solar Eclipse Viewing

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Solar Eclipse Viewing

NASA estimates more than 300 million people across the United States could witness the total solar eclipse on Monday August 21st. Although the partial eclipse is visible across the continental United States (a phenomenon that hasn’t happened in 99 years), there are 14 states that have the potential to view a total eclipse, where the moon completely covers the sun. Viewing this eclipse means looking directly at the sun which could damage your eyesight pretty significantly.

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts for safely viewing Monday’s eclipse:

  • DO NOT stare directly at the sun until total eclipse occurs (should last approximately 3 minutes).
  • DO purchase approved eclipse viewing glasses. Make sure they are certified with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard and that the manufacturer’s name and address are printed somewhere on the product.
  • DO NOT use ordinary glasses, binoculars, telescopes, or unfiltered camera.
  • DO create a pinhole projector. All sunlight to stream through a pinhole in a piece of paper onto a makeshift screen (often a second piece of paper). You will see the eclipse through the shadow the moon is creating on the sun.
  • DO NOT allow children to view eclipse unsupervised.
  • DO watch real-time coverage of the event on NASA television here.


Amazon recently announced a recall of many eclipse safety glasses falsely claiming to be safe for total eclipse viewing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you purchased viewing glasses on Amazon for next week’s eclipse, read the story here to make sure your glasses aren’t part of the safety recall.

For additional information and resources, visit NASA’s eclipse website here.

Plaintiffs Powerhouse Beasley Allen Makes a Bet on Atlanta

The Cooper Firm - Beasley Allen

Plaintiffs Powerhouse Beasley Allen Makes a Bet on Atlanta

Excerpt (Daily Report printed 2.8.17)

High-profile plaintiffs firm Beasley Allen has opened an Atlanta office, the first outside of its Alabama base.

Beasley Allen, founded in 1979, works on big cases all over the country, but its 75 lawyers have all been based in Montgomery until now. The firm tapped firm principal Chris Glover, who specializes in automotive product defect cases, to start the Atlanta office.

It has also joined forces with Marietta plaintiffs lawyer Lance Cooper for its foray into Georgia, after working with Cooper on litigation against General Motors over faulty car ignition switches. Cooper uncovered the faulty switches, which led to a massive recall of GM vehicles and national litigation.

“When we decided to come here, our very first stop was Lance’s office,” Glover said.

Cooper has become a principal at Beas­ley Allen, which is what the firm calls its partners, while also maintaining his own shop. The two firms will work on products liability cases together, both in Georgia and nationally.

Cooper said he started working with Beasley Allen on the GM ignition switch cases because of its greater resources and national capabilities. The Cooper Firm has just two lawyers, Cooper and Drew Ashby, which Cooper said is “how I want it.” While Cooper sticks to single-plaintiff suits, Beas­ley Allen also takes on class actions and multi-district litigations.

“Beasley Allen had the national outreach to work with lawyers and consumers around the country on these types of cases,” Cooper said.

The national GM litigation arose from Cooper’s representation of Ken and Beth Melton. They sued General Motors over a faulty ignition switch that they believed caused their daughter’s Chevrolet Cobalt to crash, killing her. The suit sparked 30 million car recalls and hundreds more suits around the country, including by Beasley Allen.

The Meltons settled with GM in 2013 for $5 million—a confidential figure later disclosed by GM—but Cooper re-opened the case for them the next year, alleging GM had fraudulently concealed that one of its engineers knew about the defect. Cooper partnered with Beasley Allen on the ensuing litigation and said that he handled more than 100 individual suits against GM.

GM ended up paying a $900 million penalty to resolve criminal charges for concealing the defective switch.

Cooper next joined forces with Beasley Allen on suits against Terex Corp. over alleged defects in a truck boom it manufactures. Cooper’s client Jeffrey Gaddy, a tree-trimmer, sued Terex in 2014 after the boom arm supporting the bucket he was standing in allegedly failed, sending the bucket crashing to the ground. The fall severed his spinal cord, leaving him paraplegic.

That suit, Gaddy v. Terex, is in discovery in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Meanwhile, Terex recalled some models of its aerial boom for inspection and replacement of any that are defective. Cooper said Beasley Allen has a pending class action for consumers who own booms that Terex has not agreed to fix.

“It’s been a good partnership. We’ve been able to help our clients and do greater public good getting companies to recall their products,” Cooper said.

Read the full story at

Print PDF of Daily Report article here.

Police officer buys a mom a car seat instead of writing her a ticket

Childcare Product Safety Attorney

Police officer buys a mom a car seat instead of writing her a ticket

Going above and beyond his normal duty to ensure safety, a police officer in Michigan helped a young mother and her daughter who were struggling. Officer Ben Hall pulled over a woman for a traffic violation and noticed that her young daughter in the back seat was wearing a seat belt but was not in a car seat. The mother said she knew the importance of having her daughter in a car seat but she could not afford one because of her limited income. A recent Facebook status the mother posted shared that she had hit a financial struggle and lost her vehicle and her children’s car seats. She explained to Hall that her fiance lost his job this summer and was diagnosed with cancer, according to

Instead of writing the mother a ticket, Hall asked her to pull into the nearby Wal Mart parking lot. Hall then went inside and bought the mother a car seat for her daughter out of his own pocket. The Department of Public Safety in Michigan and the woman both praised Hall of Facebook sharing the kind act he had done.

The Cooper Firm  would like to thank this officer for his actions as well as all of the other public service men and women who work so hard to keep our communities safe.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Team Torella Putting Heroes in Homes

The Cooper Firm - Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

Team Torella Putting Heroes in Homes

Krystine Torella has been an upstanding individual in the Cobb Community since she moved here in 1996. She has been in real estate since 2002 and a year ago she started her own Brokerage – Team Torella Realty. Krystine has a gift and passion for helping people buy and sell homes, so in order to give back to her community she and the agents in her Brokerage became affiliates of Homes for Heroes. In doing so, Krystine and her agents are able to donate 25% of their commission to Veterans/Active Duty, Teachers, Police, Fire, and Healthcare workers who purchase or sell a home with them.

After the tragic events of 9/11 took place, Ruth Johnson along with her sister Helen Johnson and children Kacy Mlenar and Mark Micek, who were all realtors, brainstormed a way to give back to the heroes in their community. After doing some research they found there were no programs to help these men and women buy homes, so together they formed Homes for Heroes. Ruth and the team took the necessary steps to make it legal in every state for the discounts to apply to all heroes. Now agents all over the country can participate in Homes for Heroes by becoming an affiliate.


Krystine’s motto in life is to “give back to those who have given to her,” which made Homes for Heroes a perfect opportunity for Krystine. She has been an affiliate for the past three years and has truly enjoyed her experience. “I love being able to give back to those who have given to me by protecting me, educating me and healing me,” she shared. Not only does Krystine participate in Home for Heroes, but she was President of West Cobb Business Association in 2012 and is an active member of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, West Cobb Business Association, Cobb County Coalition of Business Associations, Marietta Business Association, South Cobb Business Association, and attends many community events.

The Cooper Firm has a great relationship with Krystine and is proud of the work she is doing in the community and for others.

For more information on Homes for Heroes and on Team Torella Realty you can visit

My Child Has Asperger’s!


Amanda Lavery, a paralegal at The Cooper Firm shares how her life was changed this year:

I remember sitting in Spencer’s doctor’s office literally holding my breath as I waited for her to answer my question. A question that I already knew the answer to but was in denial. And then she said it, “Spencer has Asperger’s Syndrome.” All of the air was sucked out of the room. The range of emotion- confusion, fear, sadness, just to name a few.

Asperger’s is a developmental disorder that falls within the autism spectrum of disorders and is often characterized by good language skills but poor communication, a difficulty forming friendships, repetitive behaviors, and a childhood preference for playing alone or with older children or adults.

Until just a few months ago, I thought Spencer was a quirky and eccentric little boy who had a big heart. He laughed, played, and carried on conversations just as you or I. Despite all of that, yes, he still has Asperger’s. Spencer basically can’t be bothered by anything. I thought this nonchalant attitude was just a character trait that we all would be lucky to have as our own. Unfortunately, it is more of a detachment rather than being calm under pressure.

I didn’t realize how deep Spencer’s detachment went until a couple months ago when his grandparents were moving across country to Colorado. Sadly, my father-in-law has terminal brain cancer, and the thought of them moving so far away saddened my husband, Spencer’s brother and sister and me to the point that we all had wet shirts from our tears. Spencer on the other hand, said his goodbye, hugged his Grandpa, got into the car and waited for us to join him.

I haven’t really shared Spencer’s story with many of my friends and family yet. Every single time I do, I always get the same response…”But he’s so normal.” “He’s so normal.” I never thought those words would cut so deep. How could they? We all want our kids to “be normal.” It’s when your child is suddenly “not normal” that those words become gut wrenching. I’ll even admit it. The first time I was told that experts believed he had Asperger’s, I too thought those same four words- “But he’s so normal.”

As a mom, naturally you want what is best for your children. You want to teach them how to follow their Faith and listen to their heart. You want to protect them from any and all dangers. The thought of how people may look at Spencer differently breaks my heart. In fact, it keeps me up most nights. How can I protect him from those looks? I know that I have to teach him to be proud of who he is and the differences he owns. If that labels him “not so normal,” then so be it.

It is still really early in Spencer’s diagnosis and I am still learning so much. All of the information is quite overwhelming, but if there is one thing that I have taken in so far, it is to take it one day at a time, one repeated instruction at a time. You need to allow yourself to be frustrated, sad, even angry. Most importantly, you need to have a support system and communicate your stresses with others who are experiencing the same. It’s that support system, those mothers and fathers, who will get you through. When I am questioning my parenting skills or feeling like I have failed Spencer, I reach out to my husband and support group and realize what I am feeling is common and that I am not alone.

I hope to write again in six months and tell you that “I have mastered parenting an Aspie child!!” Realistically speaking, I know I will only be able to say, “I have mastered loving all of my children, unconditionally.”

Written by: Amanda Lavery

Amanda Lavery has been a paralegal and member of The Cooper Firm for over five years. She is a great addition to the team and we are happy to have her here.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – The Trip of a Lifetime


As many of you who read our blog know, Mr. Lance Cooper recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in February to help support an organization called Orphan Aid Liberia. The mission of the trip was to help raise money and support, so that this organization could help get the orphans in Africa the help and attention they need.

Lance was able to make this journey with his son Asa and Orphan Aid Liberia founder Daryl Roberts. When they returned, they shared with us how hard the climb was, but how beautiful the experience was as well. Not only did they have a wonderful experience making the climb, but the money they raised was able to help thousands of orphans and workers get the medical attention they need.

We wanted to share some pictures with you from the climb, considering they explain the trip so beautifully.


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For more pictures, check out our Facebook Album Here.

Welcome to My World – Linda Stricker Campbell


Welcome to My World – Linda Stricker Campbell

For me, 2012 was a pretty significant and life changing year. I had decided early on that I felt unsettled, needed to find purpose and a new focus. It was then that I made the decision to accompany my friend and co-worker, Sherry Kerr, to Liberia on a mission trip for Orphan Aid Liberia. We would be going to meet the babies, children and young teenagers we had been sponsoring with clothing and educational materials since 2009. Little did I know that this decision in January was only a portion of the life changing challenges and experiences I would face in 2012.

On February 1, 2012, suddenly and without warning I lost my brother-in-law and dear friend, Brian Risner to a heart attack. A significant loss, as he and I had lost my sister, Anna Risner, to a long battle with Hodgkins Disease in 2010. Our family was forced to make many immediate decisions. I would soon become the Guardian of my niece, who was 14 at the time.

Needless to say, there were many adjustments to our home as we settled into this new life path. In the spring of 2012 our family was chosen to participate in a reality television show to be aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN, Trouble Next Door. The show is based on communities and neighbors uniting to help a family in crisis. My niece’s adjustments were not only in her spirit and heart, but adjusting to a new neighborhood, community and home. My niece received an “extreme” style bedroom makeover with the help and support of these new found friends. Read more: OWN network

Linda & Madison's Birthday

Through all of these life changes and challenges, I remained focused on my calling to Liberia. June arrived so quickly. All of my fears were removed and my faith restored the moment we made it to the orphanage. Mother Elizabeth, an angel among us, and the children met our vehicles at the entrance of the orphanage. We were greeted with song and praise, “Welcome, Welcome, in the name of Jesus you are Welcome.” These beautiful children were why we were in Africa, and they truly welcomed us into their world. Over the course of our stay, we saw 765 villagers, immigration officers, chiefs, professors, government officials and more through our vision clinic. It was beautiful to see their faces light up as they declared “I see clear.” They were then escorted to counseling where they were prayed for and presented a plan of salvation. Over 120 professions of faith were made. Our team was also blessed with providing Vacation Bible School for the children that included making meals, singing, making pinwheels, bracelets and necklaces.

Finally, we were invited to attend Graduation Ceremonies for the kindergarten graduates whose ages ranged from eight to thirteen. This is when I understood His plan. Our orphanage educates not only the children who live at the orphanage; they open their doors to local village children as well. The current staff at the orphanage is eighteen; this includes teachers, caretakers, cooks and security guards. Six of these members of staff are full time teachers with a principal who is a teacher as well. There are 125 children who live at the orphanage with 150 kids attending school, grades K-7. There are six young adults attending Cuttington University and yet another planning to attend at the beginning of the school semester. These young minds are Liberia’s future. Their desire to learn, develop world knowledge and educate themselves apparent.

In closing, I would like to say that none of these challenges, life changes and growing experiences would have happened were it not for The Cooper Firm. I have been both honored and blessed by the love and support of my co-workers, who are more than friends – – they are family. This year, I celebrate my fifteenth year working for Lance Cooper. Mr. Cooper is also a sponsor of Orphan Aid Liberia. This February he and his son, Asa Cooper, joined Daryl Roberts, founder of Orphan Aid Liberia, in a fundraising event “From the Ground Up.” Their team climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a campaign to raise $150,000.00 to rebuild as many of the orphans’ lives as possible. If you are interested in helping to rebuild the lives of these children “From the Ground Up,” please visit, for a sponsorship form. All money raised will be used to support the ongoing needs of this community. With your love and support, the children of Liberia will be blessed, as will your family.

Linda Stricker Campbell

Lance Cooper Featured in Marietta Daily Journal

In The News - The Cooper Firm

Lance Cooper Featured in Marietta Daily Journal

Lance and his son, Asa, were featured in the Marietta Daily Journal in an article about their climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro next week.

The Marietta Daily Journal – High climbers – Father son team to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for orphans


To read the full story click here.

Also, be sure to check out for more information on the trip as well as to donate towards the cause.

Lance Cooper shares abut his trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Orphan Aid Liberia



Lance Cooper shares abut his trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Orphan Aid Liberia

In 2009, Sonja and I were praying that God would present us with the opportunity to support a new ministry. God answered our prayer when we were introduced to Orphan Aid Liberia. Daryl Roberts founded Orphan Aid Liberia in 2008 after visiting an orphanage in the bush of Liberia. Daryl felt led to reach out to the children of this war-torn country which was ravaged by a civil war that only ended in 2003. Many of the children Daryl saw not only lost their families in the civil war but they suffered unimaginable atrocities as a result of the war. Daryl formed Orphan Aid Liberia to provide humanitarian relief and to help these children have a better future.

Since 2008, Orphan Aid Liberia has made a tremendous difference in the lives of children and adults in and around the village of Balama. In addition to the children in the village of Balama, there are many more orphans in Liberia who are waiting for someone to reach out to them with a hand that will extend love, hope and health. One sponsor at a time, one child at a time, together we can rebuild lives.

A few months ago, Daryl approached me about being part of a team that will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. Daryl told me about his vision of a “From the Ground Up” campaign to raise $150,000.00 to rebuild as many of the orphans’ lives as possible. My oldest son, Asa, and I both agreed to be part of the team. As Asa and I climb with the team from the ground up to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I ask that you partner with us to help rebuild the lives of these children from the ground up with your sponsorship and prayers. To rebuild these children spiritually, physically and mentally, we need your help.

Our trip will begin on February 9th and we will return on February 22nd. Just to be clear, 100% of all donations will go directly to Orphan Aid Liberia. Asa and I are paying for the entire cost of our trip so that all of the money raised will be used to support the many ongoing needs of this community. Thank you for your support and commitment to this community and the mission of Orphan Aid Liberia.

-Lance A. Cooper

To donate to the “From the Ground Up” campaign click here.

Please visit the website at or for more information about the climb and how to be a sponsor.

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