Nissan recalls vehicles over loose steering wheel

Nissan Motor Co. has recently issued a recall for 51,000 vehicles that need to be inspected after a steering wheel detached from a new SUV while driving.

Nissan identified the defect that could affect over 600 vehicles on Thursday after a customer reported that the steering wheel of his new Qashqai seven-seater had come off in his hands.

The vehicle was being driven at a slow speed and no one was injured.

Nissan responded quickly to the situation and found that the defect resulted from an “altered manufacturing process” at an unnamed supplier.

The main vehicles that are being recalled are the Qashqai SUVs and NV200 vans. These vehicles were assembled this year for sale in most major markets except North America.

The recall covers Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

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