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Bad Faith Claims

If an insurance company has delayed or denied action on a personal injury or motor vehicle accident insurance claim, call on The Cooper Firm for results.

We are nationally recognized for negotiating with insurance companies that delay paying claims or wrongfully deny their liability for injured customers.

Auto Collision Case/Bad Faith Claim:

Our clients were seriously injured in their car when they were struck from the side by a person driving a truck owned by the defendant. The driver of the truck was uninsured, and our firm brought a claim against the defendant on the ground that he negligently entrusted his truck to a driver he knew to be under the influence of drugs. We made a demand on the insurance company for the policy limit of $200,000, which the insurance company did not timely accept. We then filed suit and argued that the insurance company was responsible for the entire value of the case because it had acted negligently and in bad faith in not timely offering the policy limits. Ultimately, the insurance company agreed to pay our clients $2,375,000.00, more than ten times the policy limits.

Auto Collision Case/Bad Faith Claim:

Our client was driving her two sons home from church when she was struck by the defendant. She was killed, and her two sons were seriously injured. The defendant was insured by Allstate with policy limits of $200,000.00. When the insurance company failed to respond to our time-limited demand, we pursued the case on the grounds that they had acted negligently and in bad faith. The insurance company ultimately agreed to pay our client’s family $1.5 million to settle their claims – $1.3 million more than the policy limits.

Wrongful Death/Bad Faith Claim:

The defendant was driving his father’s car when he caused a wreck that killed our client, who was a passenger. Our client’s family sued the defendant and his father, who was insured by Allstate Insurance Company with policy limits of $15,000.00. Based on an exclusion in the policy, Allstate refused to defend the claim, and we obtained a $500,000.00 judgment against the defendants. We then represented the defendants against Allstate, arguing that Allstate had breached its insurance contract and acted in bad faith by refusing to defend their client. The firm proved that Allstate acted wrongfully and Allstate agreed to pay $540,000.00 (36 times the policy limits) to resolve the judgment.

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