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The GM Ignition Switch Scandal

The Cooper Firm played a pivotal role in bringing the General Motors ignition switch controversy to light, representing Ken and Beth Melton after the tragic loss of their daughter, Brooke. Her life was cut short due to a malfunctioning ignition switch in her Chevrolet Cobalt, leading to a catastrophic crash. After conducting a download of the Cobalt black box and inspecting the ignition switch, something seemed off: Brooke’s key was in the “accessory” position, instead of the “on” position. 

After years of discovery, we learned that GM was selling faulty ignition switches that would, without prompting, switch to the “accessory” position, taking away power steering from the driver. Our legal action against General Motors generated a nationwide response, leading to the recall of 30 million vehicles and the launch of hundreds of lawsuits across the United States.

In 2013, the Meltons reached a settlement with GM for $5 million, a sum that was initially confidential but later made public by GM. However, our commitment to justice didn’t stop there. In the following year, The Cooper Firm reopened the Meltons’ case, uncovering evidence that GM had deceitfully hidden knowledge of the defect, known by one of its engineers. This relentless pursuit of truth and accountability led our firm to represent over 100 individual clients in lawsuits against GM.
Ultimately, GM was compelled to pay a $900 million fine to settle criminal charges related to the concealment of the dangerous ignition switch defect.

Tire Failure – Profits Over Safety

In a tragic case that highlights the dire consequences of prioritizing profits over safety, The Cooper Firm represented a family devastated by a commercial truck tire failure. Tire failure is dangerous on any vehicle. On large trucks, however, it is especially deadly. Everyone on the road around a vehicle experiencing a tire failure is at risk of serious injury and death. That is what happened in this case.

 A catastrophic tread separation caused the 80,000-pound vehicle to cross into oncoming traffic, resulting in the death of three family members and severe injuries to two others. 

Our investigation revealed that the tire’s manufacturing plant employees were pressured to cut corners, compromising safety for profit, despite pushback from union leaders. Expert analysis confirmed that this negligence led to the fatal accident. Our firm filed a lawsuit against the tire manufacturer under theories of strict liability and negligence.

Thorough discovery is key to holding manufacturers accountable. Meticulous investigation into their design, production, and testing practices can expose reckless business decisions. Our relentless pursuit of justice ensures the full truth comes to light, no matter how hard the manufacturer tries to conceal it.

Faced with overwhelming evidence of their liability, the tire manufacturer opted for a confidential settlement with the survivors before the case could reach trial. This settlement underscores The Cooper Firm’s commitment to justice for victims of corporate negligence, ensuring accountability and safety take priority over profit. 

The Delayed Airbag Recall

In a landmark case, The Cooper Firm represented a young woman left severely injured due to a defective airbag sensor in her vehicle. Airbag sensors are a critical safety component in any vehicle. They let airbags know to deploy in the event of a crash. If an airbag sensor is not working at any point during a crash sequence, the airbags can deploy late, or not deploy at all. Without a barrier between her body and the interior of the vehicle, our client was exposed to a catastrophic head injury. 

Despite the manufacturer’s awareness of this dangerous flaw, it took four years for a recall to be issued, endangering countless lives across various vehicle models.

Our pursuit for justice involved careful examination of the airbag system by experts to pinpoint the faulty sensor. This deep dive unearthed a troubling pattern of similar failures, revealing a widespread risk to public safety.

This is why it is important to uncover the truth in auto defect cases. Oftentimes the defect is not limited to a single vehicle but is present across multiple vehicle platforms. When that happens, the manufacturer is responsible for informing the public immediately and issuing an adequate recall to repair life-threatening defects in its vehicles. Unfortunately, in this case, the manufacturer failed to conduct an adequate recall, and our client’s life was drastically changed as a result.

Thanks to our relentless advocacy and in-depth investigation, we obtained a confidential settlement for our client, affirming our commitment to holding negligent parties accountable.

Trust The Cooper Firm to champion your rights and safety.

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