Advanced Frontal Airbags: What you should know

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Advanced Frontal Airbags: What you should know

There has been a great deal of improvements in airbags since they came out in the 80’s. When airbags were first introduced to vehicles, they deployed the same way every time for every occupant. In some cases, airbags would cause serious injuries and sometimes death in small children, adults and any person who was seated to close to the airbag when it deployed. Often times the airbags would deploy in minor accidents causing significant injuries when there should not have been any.

In 2004, advanced frontal airbags were introduced to vehicles to help reduce the amount of injuries due to airbag deployment. Advanced frontal airbags contain a sensing system which helps determine when and how much to deploy in an accident. By receiving signals from the electronic control unit, the airbag can decipher how the bag should deploy. Some of the signals that are sent to the electronic control unit include the occupant’s weight, seating position, seat track position, seat belt use and the severity of the crash.

No matter how advanced frontal airbags have become, they cannot take the place of wearing your seat belt. Airbags are called ‘supplement restraint systems’ and should be used in addition to your seat belt. Your seat belt is your first line of protection and your airbag comes next. In the event of a rollover accident, side-impact crash, or rear-end crash, advanced frontal airbags are not designed to protect and may not even deploy.

Make sure you use all your safety equipment the way it is intended: all together. Always wear your seat belt and keep a ten inch minimum between you and the airbag cover. Make sure that older and small adults as well as pregnant women move the seat back as far as possible. Ensure that the seat belt crosses far below the neck and directly across the chest and lower abdomen.

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