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Pulse Oximetry Devices Give False Results to Dark-Skinned Patients

June 21, 2022

“Life changes in the instant.  The ordinary instant.” People experience these instances in their own ordinary way. Sometimes they die because of them. To their families, the death alone is significant enough to shake their lives and alter their futures. Sadly, when the tragedy involves a defective product, corporate reaction (if any) often does not…

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truck driving in freeway

FMCSA’s Lack of Reliable Data Leads to Uncertainty in Motor Carrier Safety

April 29, 2022

Shipping freight via tractor-trailers has been and continues to be an integral part of supply chains all around the world. With the recent difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have never relied more on the trucking industry to be efficient and robust. In order to do this, many state governments in coordination with…

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Three Cases, Three Recalls, and A $35 Million Letter: Safety Through Litigation

April 20, 2022

From the Dalkon Shield IUD to thalidomide to three-wheel ATVs, product liability lawsuits have helped identify dangerous and defective products in the marketplace. Juries have then often sent a message to manufacturers that the community will not tolerate products that kill and maim. Even then, manufacturers do not always act responsibly and promptly to recall…

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photo of car safety system on infotament center

Car Accidents: Human Error vs. Failure in Technology

February 16, 2022

“Ninety-four percent of traffic accidents are caused by human error.” This supposed statistic has become a common refrain amongst the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, the state departments of transportation, automotive manufacturers, and major media outlets. But is this really true?  It is not.  In fact, not only is this statement false, it is dangerous.…

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Recall Round-Up The Cooper Firm

Recall Round-Up: May 18, 2021

May 18, 2021

Recall Round-Up: May 18, 2021 This edition of Recall Round-Up features major product recalls from Peloton, Kidde, Signature Hardware and homegoods retailer TJ Maxx.   Peloton+ Treadmill This month Peloton issued a recall of more than 125,000 Peloton+ Treadmill TR01 models due to a serious safety hazard. The manufacturer received 72 injury reports from adults,…

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Infant Product Safety Recall

100k Target Walmart Products Recalled for Child Safety Concerns

April 22, 2021

100k Target Walmart Products Recalled for Child Safety Concerns Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of several products that were sold at Target and Walmart that posed a risk for child safety. In total, over 100k items will be removed from the market. Below you’ll find the items in detail and instructions…

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kia recall - the cooper firm

Kia Recalls 380k Vehicles Over Fire Hazard

March 12, 2021

Kia Recalls 380k Vehicles Over Fire Hazard This week Kia announced a recall of nearly 380,000 newer model SUVs and sedans over a potential fire hazard. According to the manufacturers recall announcement with NHTSA, 2017-2021 Sportages and 2017-2019 Cadenzas that are not equipped with Smart Cruise control are experiencing an electrical shortage that can overheat…

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Lance Cooper - Blog

Why We Need Jury Trials – Lance Cooper

March 11, 2021

Why We Need Jury Trials by Lance Cooper Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton entered an order this week giving local courts discretion as to whether to resume jury trials.  Jury trials must resume as soon as possible.  It has been a year since the first order recommending the suspension of jury trials.  Georgians…

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Recall Round-Up The Cooper Firm

Recall Round-Up: January 8, 2021

January 8, 2021

Recall Round-Up: January 8, 2021 This edition of Recall Round-Up features recalls from major retail outlets Target and Home Depot. Be sure to regularly check out our blog for more recall information from around the web. Target Recalls 300k Cloud Island infant rompers Major retailer Target recalled nearly 300,000 Cloud Island infant rompers this past…

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Peloton Recall_The Cooper Firm

Peloton Recalls Pedals on Thousands of Bikes

October 16, 2020

Peloton Recalls Pedals on Thousands of Bikes On Friday, Peloton announced it would recall certain clip-in pedals on nearly 27,000 of its stationary bikes. The recall applies to bikes sold between July 2013 and May 2016. According to the United States CPSC, there have been 120 reports of pedals breaking with 16 of those resulting…

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