Kia Recalls 380k Vehicles Over Fire Hazard

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Kia Recalls 380k Vehicles Over Fire Hazard

This week Kia announced a recall of nearly 380,000 newer model SUVs and sedans over a potential fire hazard. According to the manufacturers recall announcement with NHTSA, 2017-2021 Sportages and 2017-2019 Cadenzas that are not equipped with Smart Cruise control are experiencing an electrical shortage that can overheat and cause a fire. Kia has issued a serious warning that affected vehicle owners should park their car outside and away from the home instead of in a garage.

Beginning April 30, Kia will notify owners if their vehicle is included in the recall. Following the notification, authorized service dealers will replace fuses and, in some cases, update software. All of this will be completed at no additional charge to the vehicle owner. Owners may also check their vehicle recall status online with NHTSA at

At the end of 2020, Kia and Hyundai (a majority shareholder) were ordered to pay a combined $210 million towards fines and safety improvements for failing to warn customers in a timely manner of engine stalling recalls in many of their 2011 model vehicles. NHTSA’s 3 year investigation led not just to a penalty but also a commitment to investing in safety measures for the future benefit of car owners.

Learn how to file your own vehicle safety complaint with NHTSA here.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a recalled product or vehicle, please contact us today.

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