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News Release: Georgia Supreme Court Rejects GM’s Bid to Block the Deposition of Its CEO

June 2, 2022

The ruling declines to adopt in the so-called apex doctrine, which GM and other corporations have used to block depositions of CEOs and high-ranking officers.     MARIETTA, GA. (June 1, 2022) – General Motors (“GM”) lost its highly funded effort to persuade Georgia to adopt the so-called apex doctrine, which has been used in various…

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Seatback Safety: Stuck in the 1960s

May 16, 2022

Cars and trucks are, for the most part, safer than 50 years ago.  Seat belts have made them safer.  Airbags have made them safer.  Electronic stability control has made them safer.  Other advances in technology continue to make them safer.  There is, however, a gaping hole in automotive safety in 2022.  That gaping hole is…

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Family Car Safety Features Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Pushes for Standard Safety Features – Lance Cooper

April 1, 2021

Consumer Reports Pushes for Standard Safety Features by Lance Cooper Consumer Reports recently announced a program entitled, “Speaking Up for Fairness.”  This program highlights the role that Consumer Reports has played in making sure that automakers incorporate safety features standard in all their vehicles. I am sure many of you have heard of Consumer Reports. …

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Why We Need Jury Trials – Lance Cooper

March 11, 2021

Why We Need Jury Trials by Lance Cooper Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton entered an order this week giving local courts discretion as to whether to resume jury trials.  Jury trials must resume as soon as possible.  It has been a year since the first order recommending the suspension of jury trials.  Georgians…

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