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Consumer Reports Pushes for Standard Safety Features

by Lance Cooper

Consumer Reports recently announced a program entitled, “Speaking Up for Fairness.”  This program highlights the role that Consumer Reports has played in making sure that automakers incorporate safety features standard in all their vehicles.

I am sure many of you have heard of Consumer Reports.  Their website is a tremendous resource for learning about safety features offered on vehicles. It is also important to note that trial lawyers and their clients have been instrumental in advancing automotive safety.  The public would never have learned of deadly safety defects in certain vehicles such as the Ford Pinto and GM pick-up truck fuel tank defects, Ford/Firestone tire failure/recall defects, Toyota sudden acceleration defect, the GM ignition switch defect, or the Takata exploding airbag defect, were it not for the civil justice system enabling trial lawyers to expose these defects.

“Safety is not just for those that can afford it.”

Consumer Reports’ “Speak Up for Fairness” campaign is an effort to make sure that advanced safety systems are in all vehicles, no matter the price point, trim package, or level of luxury.  One phrase they use is particularly compelling, “Safety is not just for those who can afford it.”

I encourage you to go on the Consumer Reports website and sign the Petition.  We have worked on a number of cases where, if a company had simply included affordable safety technology on a vehicle, it would have prevented the crash and the catastrophic injuries.   By signing the Petition and supporting the campaign, you will do your part to promote automotive safety and save lives.

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