Attorney Referrals

We take our partnership with other attorneys seriously.

If you are looking to partner with an attorney on a wrongful death or catastrophic injury case, consider The Cooper Firm. A partnership with us can mean more resources and more reward for both you and your client. Both compassionate and dedicated in the pursuit of justice, your clients will be treated like family.

Why should you partner with The Cooper Firm?

  • The Best Resources.

    At The Cooper Firm, we fully investigate each case. This means we hire the best investigators, the best accident reconstructionist engineers, and the best expert witnesses to help us build the strongest case. Our commitment to leaving no stone unturned opens the door for you and your client to receive premier service from the best of the industry.

  • Record Settlements and Verdicts.

    Over the past 30 years, Lance Cooper has secured over $500 million for his clients. Between settlements and verdicts, more than 100 clients have received compensation in the seven figures. These are the results you want for your client.

  • Litigation-focused.

    We are trial lawyers. At the end of the day, we are fully prepared to take your client to trial to receive the best possible result. We will pursue justice to the very end so the person or manufacturer that harmed your client is held accountable.


If you have a case you would like to partner with The Cooper Firm on, please call us at 800-317-2021. After discussing the details with our legal team, we will let you know if we are the best fit to pursue justice for your client. Whether you prefer to act as a referral partner or a co-counsel, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.


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