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Product Liability

If a defective malfunctioning product has seriously injured you or tragically killed a loved one, The Cooper Firm can help.

Our track record of success in pursuing cases involving defective or malfunctioning products—household, work, medical, cars, or car parts—is nationally known, and we have the resources, the knowledge, the education and the skills to hold manufacturers accountable for their actions.

Product Liability/Tire Defect/Failure to Warn:

Our client suffered severe and permanent injuries when their vehicle was struck by another driver who lost control after having a tread separation on her tire. We successfully brought claims against the other driver, the manufacturer of the defective tire, the auto shop mechanics who failed to warn the other driver of the unsafe tire, as well as the manufacturer of her own vehicle.

Brain Injury/Product Liability Case:

Our client’s daughter was riding in the rear seat of a minivan when she was involved in an accident. During the wreck, the rear liftgate came open, and her daughter was ejected. She suffered a severe and permanent brain injury. We were able to prove that the liftgate came open because of a defect in the latch, which the auto manufacturer knew about, yet did nothing.

Wrongful Death/Tire Failure/Product Liability Case:

Our clients’ daughter was a passenger in an SUV when the right rear tire of the SUV separated, and the vehicle rolled over. She was killed in the rollover accident. We filed a lawsuit against the tire company and discovered that there were dozens of other claims of tread separations and SUV rollovers involving this tire. The tire company agreed to settle.

Plus Punitive Damages in a Product Liability/Auto Wreck Case:

Our client brought suit against Ford alleging that Ford failed to warn of the instability of the Aerostar minivan when loaded with passengers. A jury agreed and awarded our client $1.13 million, plus punitive damages. During the punitive damages phase, the parties settled the case for a confidential amount.

Schedule your initial consultation today online or call our firm at 770-427-5588. All cases are accepted on a contingent fee basis, meaning there are no attorney fees unless we recover damages on your behalf.

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