World’s first 3-D printed car was made in Chicago

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First 3-D Printed Car

You can now design your perfect vehicle, thanks to a group of entrepreneurs in Chicago. This past weekend, the world’s first 3-D printed electric car was unveiled. The car, called Strati, has fewer than 50 parts. It only took about 44 hours to construct Strati using a 3-D printer. It was assembled live in front of attendees at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. After it was printed, non-printable parts such as glass, engine, and lights were installed. Jay Rogers, the CEO of Local Motors who constructed the car, said they hope to get the assembly time down to 24 hours and then to 10 hours.

The top speed for Strati is 40 miles per hour, and it can drive about 120 miles on a single charge. The company plans to sell the vehicles between $18,000 and $30,000. The goal of the company is to lead in technology innovation and to make it affordable. Because the vehicle is made custom, you can literally have a two person car, trade it in and recycle the center part of your car, and then build another vehicle to fit a larger family.

Although the 3-D printer uses carbon reinforced ABS plastic, which is strong enough for automotive products, it will be interesting to see how safety features are built out in these models. It could completely transform the automotive manufacturing industry.
Source: CNN, MSN

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