Nissan Recalls Altima Sedans for Tire Issue

recall round-up

Nissan is recalling over 123,000 Altima sedans for having issues with their spare tires. The spare could be significantly over- or underinflated. Altimas that were made in 2013 between March 21 and March 26 were affected.

The issue came from a malfunctioning pressure regulator in Canton, Mississippi plant. The malfunctioning equipment has been repaired. Because tires that are significantly over- or under inflated can cause car crashes and injuries, it was important for Nissan to place this recall. No reports of injuries or accidents have been reported that were related to the defect. A car dealer was the one who originally found the defect. Several tires had blown out as a result of the heat in the trunk. Nissan will notify its owners starting May 3. Those affected will be able to bring in their spare to have the tire pressure adjusted for free. If the tire is damaged, then it will be replaced for free.

Source: USA Today, “Nissan Recalls Altimas for Spare Tire Defect,” April 27, 2013.

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