Arrest Made in hit-and-run of Kennesaw State University Student Emily Bowman

Arrest Made in hit-and-run of Kennesaw State University Student Emily Bowman

The hit-and-run driver that left Emily Bowman, a Kennesaw State University student, in a coma was granted a $50,000 bond on Thursday. William Wilson Heaton, a 22-year-old man, is accused of hitting Bowman and then feeling the scene. Heaton turned himself in on Wednesday night after a warrant was issued three weeks after the accident. He fled the scene on February 16 and his truck had been found abandoned nearby with empty alcohol containers. Heaton, from Bartow County, is facing six charges including felony hit-and-run, DUI and serious injury by motor vehicle.

Bowman is now at Athens Regional Hospital fighting for her life. Bowman’s mother said that it is tough, but she is showing signs of progress. She is now breathing on her own. The family is hoping she will eventually be able to move to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Bowman’s mother Debbie explains, “Without God on my side I don’t know how I could’ve handled this. But you know, I feel like I’ve been given the strength to go on because I have to be strong for her.”

No attorney represented Heaton when he appeared before the judge. The District Attorney shared all of Heaton’s driving and criminal history that contained alcohol and speeding violations. Although the District Attorney pleaded with the judge to not give Heaton a bond, the judge still issued one.

Heaton’s mother, who was present at the hearing, explained that she is focused on the Bowman’s and that her son is going to take full responsibility for his actions. “Wilson and his father and I are all committed to the truth and we have been from day one. We have communicated that again and again, and Wilson is fully prepared to take responsibility,” said Tara Heaton.

Bowman’s friends have organized a fundraiser to help the Bowman family with the increasing medical bills. They are going to sell bracelets and T-Shirts at Buffalo’s Café in Woodstock. A Facebook page was also created with updates on Bowman’s progress.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the Bowman family.

Source: AJC. “Bond set at $50,000 for suspecin Athens hit-and-run.” Mike Morris, March 7, 2013.

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