Brave mom shoots intruder in her house

Melinda Herman was home alone with her 9-year-old twins when she heard an intruder in her house. Instead of calling 911, she called her husband, Donnie Herman. Donnie Herman was at work in Atlanta when he got the call. He proceeded to call 911 from a different phone while his wife took the twins to an attic room across from the bedroom.

Paul Slater, the intruder, entered the house with a crowbar and walked upstairs thinking no one was home. The 911 operator tells Donnie that help is on the way as he tells his wife to get their .38 caliber handgun out. Donnie is then heard saying “She’s shooting him! She’s shooting him!” to the operator. The operator was then relayed information from Donnie that Slater was pleading for his life. Although injured, Slater ran from the home and got into his SUV, and the neighbors called 911. Melinda and her son and daughter all ran to their neighbor, who relayed to the operator that they are okay although very shaken and crying. The operator urged Melinda to put down her revolver before the police show up to the house.

Slater is now hospitalized with injuries to his lungs, liver, and stomach. It is not yet known what charges Slater could face.

Donnie Herman shared with “Good Morning America” that his wife is a hero and that she did what “any responsible gun owner would do.”

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