Georgia Car Accident leads to DUI and Injuries

Georgia Car Accident leads to DUI and Injuries

An evening car accident in Georgia left three people injured and resulted in a DUI arrest for one driver. Two of the injured are College Park police officers and the other was a passenger in the accused man’s vehicle. He now faces multiple criminal charges as a result of the car accident.

According to reports, two police officers were on the scene of a traffic stop alongside the road. A Toyota Camry then came along and struck the back end of one of the officer’s patrol cars. The force of the impact pushed one patrol car into the other. One of the officers injured was inside the first car when it was hit and the other injured officer was outside his vehicle. A female passenger in the Toyota sustained unspecified injuries.

All three injured parties were transported to area medical facilities for treatment, though both officers were released shortly afterwards. The driver of the Toyota was charged with criminal offenses that include reckless driving, DUI and failure to move away from a stopped emergency vehicle. He was taken to the city jail.

The victims who were injured in this crash may incur medical bills and lost wages depending on the scope of their injuries. While the driver faces criminal charges that may possibly carry harsh consequences, prosecution in a Georgia criminal court will not garner monetary damages for the victims. Filing a civil personal injury suit against the driver may help them recover compensation that can alleviate financial losses, in addition to helping them deal with pain and suffering from the car accident.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Accused drunk driver injures 3 in crash, including 2 officers,” Mary Gleason, Jan. 17, 2013

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