Georgia Woman Seeks to Have Wrongful Death Suit Tossed Out

A Georgia woman is seeking to have a wrongful death suit against her tossed out by a judge. She currently stands accused of being involved in the shooting death of her husband. The woman’s brother-in-law filed the wrongful death suit and he is arguing that his claim should be allowed to stand.

The woman’s husband was killed at a day care. Her boss has since been convicted of his murder. She has also been indicted and is now facing malice murder and other criminal charges in connection with his death. She will soon be arraigned on the charges and could face trial.

Strangely enough, this is not the only wrongful death case that has arisen from this man’s murder. The accused wife has also filed a lawsuit against her boss. There has been no decision yet on whether the judge will allow the brother’s lawsuit to go forward. This is certainly a tragic case and one that likely has emotions running high.

On one hand, the woman accused has lost her husband and her innocence or guilt has yet to be decided. On the other hand, the man’s brother is also likely experiencing grief over the death of his loved one. Any time negligence is involved in a case of fatality, a Georgia wrongful death claim can be filed. Although someone else has been convicted in the man’s murder, his wife also stands accused of being involved. This could allow the wrongful death lawsuit to be heard and possibly end in a civil judgment against her.

For Georgia residents who have lost someone due to negligence and are currently dealing with the financial burden of not having that person’s income as well as the emotional stress, contacting an attorney to know what options they may have could help them move forward from their loss.

Source: Sandy Springs Patch, “Nearby: Andrea Sneiderman Seeks to Dismiss Wrongful Death Suit,” Oct. 7, 2012

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