GM Report Shows King & Spalding Lawyer Urging Settlement – The Daily Report

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GM Report Shows King & Spalding Lawyer Urging Settlement – The Daily Report

By Jonothan Ringel

“It appears to be our case even though it’s redacted,” said Lance Cooper, the Meltons’ attorney. He said although the judge in the case had ordered documents such as this report disclosed to the Meltons, Thursday was the first day Cooper had seen it. This bolsters their case that they settled with incomplete information, he said.

The Meltons have filed a new suit alleging fraud, Cooper said. This time the Meltons have “no interest in settling. They were lied to. They want to get to the bottom of this.”

Cooper also issued a statement on the website for his cocounsel, Jere Beasley of Montgomery, Alabama. Cooper said: “Although [GM CEO] Mary Barra’s remarks provide additional information about the investigation, there is still much work to be done. Ms. Barra denies that there is any evidence that GM employees made a trade-off between safety and cost. Documents produced in the Melton case, as well as the testimony of the GM employees clearly show that GM chose not to fix the safety defects in these vehicles for cost reasons. This is why it is critical that the civil cases move forward so that the American public may learn the whole truth, not just the truth GM chooses to disclose.”

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