GM’s General Counsel to Retire – Wall Street Journal

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GM’s General Counsel to Retire – Wall Street Journal

By John D. Stoll and Jospeh B. White

Georgia attorney Lance Cooper, who discovered the cars’ ignition-switch had been modified without proper documentation, said GM hasn’t altered its tack. “I’m not sure much will change” as a result of Mr. Millikin’s departure, Mr. Cooper said. “The company has reverted back to what it was doing before the recalls, fighting all these cases tooth and nail.”

Mr. Cooper recently got a court to reopen a case involved a fatal accident that GM had settled and is suing the auto maker to obtain access to records.

Ms. Barra has vigorously defended Mr. Millikin and continued to praise him on Friday. “Mike has been incredibly helpful,” she said. “I find him a man of impeccable integrity, respectful candor and unwavering loyalty.” GM Chairman Tim Solso added: “Mike has served the Board extremely well.”

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