10 Tips for Holiday Home Safety

holiday home safety

10 Tips for Holiday Home Safety

As you start to trim your tree and deck your house for the holidays, be sure to keep safety in mind. An annual average of 230 home structure fires start with Christmas trees and end in four deaths, 21 civilian injuries, and $17.3 million in direct property damage a year. Though the number of accidents has gone down significantly over the past, you do not want one of these studies to include you.

Here are ten safety tips to keep in mind as you start your holiday decorating:

1. Always turn off your holiday lights when you leave the house and before going to bed.

2. Keep open flame candles away from Christmas trees and in an area they cannot be knocked over easily. Be sure to blow the candles out whenever you leave your house and before going to bed.

3. Make sure that lighting cords are not frayed. Look for certification marks when purchasing new lights to make sure they meet the applicable standards on safety and performance.

4. Never connect two extension cords together. Use a single cord long enough to reach the outlet.

5. Keep outdoor lights away from metal gutters and use plastic tape or clips as opposed to nails to hold lights in place.

6. Have someone hold the ladder when hanging decorations to prevent falls.

7. Test to ensure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are in proper order before the holidays.

8. Keep all combustible materials away from gas furnaces.

9. Make sure proper maintenance is done on your furnace and venting system and replace your furnace filter frequently during heating seasons.

10. Always replace broken bulbs with the correct wattage and do not leave any exposed wires.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season as you practice these safety tips in your home.



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Updated: 12.15.16

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