Motorcycle fatalities rise significantly this year

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Motorcycle Fatalities Rise

As temperatures and gas prices both rise, motorcycle deaths rise as well. There was an increase of 9 percent compared to last year pushing the number of deaths to more than 5,000. This number will likely only see a further rise in years to follow as a result of the declining helmet laws in many states. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, GHSA, deaths have fallen 23 percent involving the varieties of other vehicles.

The GHSA report showed that economic factors have contributed to the rise in motorcycle deaths in the past few years. People’s discretionary income has gone up which in turn raises the amount of motorcycles and registrations being purchased. Because gas prices are still rising, people are more inclined to ride their motorcycles than larger vehicles to save money on gas.

The lack of helmet enforcement has significantly affected the injuries of these crashes. Only 19 states require motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Louisiana was the last state to enforce a helmet requirement and that was in 2004.

We encourage you, if you own a motorcycle, to always wear a helmet whether it is required in your state or not. As a driver, please be aware of motorcycles on the roads and highways.

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