Motorcyclist Sues GM Over Self-Driving Crash

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Motorcyclist Sues GM Over Self-Driving Crash

A San Francisco motorcyclist is suing General Motors after he was struck on the highway by one of their self-driving vehicles, the GM Cruise AV.

Self-driving vehicles, or autonomous vehicles, have been part of the automobile conversation for several years. We’ve seen prototypes from Google, Tesla and General Motors, and even seen reports of Uber testing out special models. Although fully autonomous vehicles are still a futuristic concept, semi-autonomous vehicles are in use and one manufacturer is already under fire.

The victim was on a motorcycle following behind the self-driving GM Cruise AV when a collision occurred during an unexpected lane change. The victim claimed the self-driving vehicle had begun to change lanes and then abruptly returned, colliding with his motorcycle. The driver of the GM Cruise AV confirmed the vehicle was operating under the auto-pilot mode.

In the Fall of 2017, a Federal investigation determined that the design of Tesla’s semi-autonomous vehicle, Tesla Model S, was a contributing factor in a 2016 fatal crash. Investigators stated that the self-driving system allowed the driver to rely too heavily on the car’s automation.

Representatives for Tesla have long taken the stance that when operating their vehicles in the auto-pilot mode, the ‘responsibility remains with the driver’ to safely operate the vehicle and to follow and obey traffic laws. It is not an opportunity to ‘check out’. No statement has been made by GM as of now.

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Source: ABC News

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