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At The Cooper Firm, we are excited about 2014 and beyond. Moving forward, we chose the knight as a symbol to represent our firm. Why?

While the game of chess holds none of the life changing consequences which are part of our clients’ cases, chess represents well the way we handle every case. We thought a chess piece made perfect sense since the cases we handle on behalf of our clients are similar to a game of chess. A successful strategy in chess includes three main tasks: (1) evaluating the positions of the chess pieces on the board, (2) setting up goals to meet throughout the game, (3) having a long term plan to checkmate the opponent.  Of course, throughout the game, the player must also maintain the flexibility to adjust “on the fly.”

From the outset, we must have a similar strategy. Planning, execution, and flexibility are crucial in our cases, as with chess. The knight reminds us that there is a process that we must follow in order to maximize the opportunity to achieve successful results on behalf of our clients.

In addition, because the knight has a unique ability to move, it should always be at the center of the board close to where the action is. The knight reminds us that each day we must also be “where the action is” for our clients. We hope that the knight becomes a recognized symbol for our firm, so that when you see it you are reminded of our commitment to relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of our clients.

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