Recall Round-Up: June 1, 2018

Recall Round-Up 2

Recall Round-Up: June 1, 2018

Every week we scour the internet and bring you the latest information on product and automotive recalls in this recurring series: Recall Round-Up.

This week we provide details on a major recall of Mercedes-Benz Smart cars, Audi,  Ford transit vans, and multiple Fiat Chrysler vehicles. We also provide details on a Harbor Freight chainsaw recall.

  • Mercedes-Benz SMART cars

    Mercedes-Benz announced a recall of approximately 43,000 Smart cars, both the Smart ForTwo cabrio and coupe vehicles for model years 2008 and 2009. According to NHTSA, the rear insulation mat may deteriorate over time causing it to make contact with the hot exhaust system components and increase the risk of a fire. NHTSA received reports of 27 cases of engine fires and one injury which led to the recall. Mercedes-Benz will notify owners and authorized dealers beginning in July 18 and will replace the part at no charge to the consumer. If you think your vehicle may have been affected, visit and enter your VIN for detailed information.

  • Audi A4, A5, A6, and Q5

    Over the course of the past month, Audi has expanded a recall to include almost 1 million vehicles due to a faulty coolant pump that may overheat and increase the risk of a fire. The recall includes 2013-2016 A4, 2013-2017 A5, 2012-2015 A6, and 2013-2017 Q5 SUVs. NHTSA reports that the electric coolant pump can become blocked with debris which can cause it to overheat or short-circuit. Audi will notify owners beginning early June and offer replacements at no cost.

  • Fiat Chrysler

    Automaker Fiat Chrysler has included 15 different models in a faulty cruise control recall which affects nearly 4.8 million vehicles. According to reports, when the car accelerates in the cruise control mode, the vehicle may become locked in cruise control and normal methods of exiting the mode can fail. This increases the risk of crash and injuries. The following models are included in this major recall: 2015-17 Chrysler 200, 2014-18 Chrysler 300, 2014-18 Dodge Charger, 2014-18 Dodge Durango, 2014-18 Dodge Journey, 2014-18 Jeep Cherokee, 2014-18 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2014-18 Dodge Ram 2500 pick-up, 2014-18 Dodge Ram 3500 cab chassis, 2014-18 Ram 3500 pick-up, 2014-18 Ram 4500/5500 cab chassis, 2014-19 Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up, 2015-18 Dodge Challenger, 2017-18 Chrysler Pacifica, and 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Fiat Chrysler asks owners to discontinue using cruise-control until they can have the issue repaired at no cost by an authorized dealer.

  • Ford Transit vans

    Ford recently added 26,000 more vehicles to a recall announced in October 2017 that now includes over 100k vans. Ford determined the 2015-2017 Ford Transit vans were equipped with a faulty trailer tow that was prone to taking on water and corroding the wiring. As a result, the wiring can short and disengage mechanical systems in the vehicle. This includes malfunctioning the heating and air conditioning or tightening the seatbelt, and increasing the risk of fire. Owners may have an authorized dealer repair the part for free.

  • Harbor Freight Chainsaw

    Harbor Freight Tools announced a recall of over 1 million chainsaws under the brand Portland and One Stop Gardens due a malfunction that can cause the equipment to continue operating after switching to the ‘off’ position. This increases the risk of injury. Harbor Freight retail stores will replace the chainsaw at no charge.


If you’ve been injured as a result of a recalled product, please contact us today. We also encourage anyone to visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration websites to file formal complaints about potential safety hazards.




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