Should you go to the doctor after a car accident?

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Should you see a doctor after a car accident?

Whether it is severe or not, a car accident can be a major irritation. In some cases, you will know that you are injured and that you should go to the hospital, in others you may not feel injured or pain. After a car collision your adrenaline can be rushing and it can easily distract you from any pain you may have. It can also be very easy to avoid going to the doctor when you don’t feel significant pain, but you could be injured and just be unaware.

Whiplash is extremely common, especially in rear end collisions and many do not feel the symptoms for several days after the accident. Even in traumatic situations, the nerves may be damaged around the area causing the person to not feel pain. X-rays can help show the damage and trauma. In some cases, if you do not go to the doctors immediately, attorneys or insurance companies can use this against you claiming that you were never really injured. It is always better to go and be just to be safe.

If you are ever in any type of accident or car collision, be sure to call for medical treatment immediately. Regardless of if you feel pain or not, the doctor can help give you peace of mind and answers. Make sure to keep all of your medical visits and cost. Proving your expenses will be helpful later and save you from a headache.

Always consult a personal injury attorney after your accident. Seeking advice will help you to protect your rights and help you to get the best advice on your situation.

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