Two Young Boys Died On I-575 for an Unknown Cause

Two Young Boys Died On I-575 for an Unknown Cause

Abraham Fernandez Zuniga, a 19-year-old boy from Cobb County was driving home from the doctor’s office on Monday with his nephew Jose “Felipe” Alvarado, when their car crossed across the median on I-575 and hit an oncoming truck. The truck driver was not seriously injured, but the two boys died at the scene. The reason Zuniga’s car crossed the median is unknown. Investigators are still looking into what may have caused the accident.

Abraham was very mature beyond his years, and was very much like a father figure to his 8-year-old nephew Jose. After Abraham graduated from North Cobb High School in 2012 he starting working at a family business and took care of his sister’s children. A family friend Fazur Estrada told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that “They were like brothers; they did everything together and died together.” The boy’s families are mourning both in Cobb County and in Honduras.

Family members are planning on visiting the truck driver to make sure he is okay. Abraham hoped to one day work in the medical field and had been saving money for college.

The funeral will be held in Cobb County, which Abraham’s mother will be unable to attend, since she is in Honduras.

Source: AJC, “‘They did everything together and they died together'” Alexis Stevens, March 20, 2013.

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