3 Georgia children caught in car accident struck in parking lot

When one thinks of a car wash, one typically doesn’t imagine the possibility of a car accident. After all, most of the cars present in a car wash are either parked or traveling at low speeds in a manner unlikely to cause a car accident, let alone personal injury. Sadly, three Georgia children were recently struck by a car driven by a man trying to get his car washed.

The accident happened when man drove his Ford Taurus into a parking lot in order so that he could wash his car. Police say he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. Unfortunately, this lack of attention caused him to ram into three children in the parking lot.

The children were taken to a local children’s hospital by emergency crews. Fortunately, their injuries were initially reported as minor, though no further word on their condition was disclosed. The driver has since been charged with reckless driving charges in connection to the incident. Police also discovered that he did not even have a driver’s license.

It is hard to imagine what the parents must have felt when they first heard that their children had been injured in a car accident and were sent to the hospital. Worse yet, this accident appears as if it could have easily been avoided if the man had paid more attention to his surroundings. As the children heal from their injuries, the parents have the right to turn to Georgia courts with personal injury claims based on allegations of negligence. Should they be able to prove the driver acted negligently in a manner that caused the children’s injuries, the law permits claims to recover monetary damages occasioned by the negligent conduct.

Source: WSBTV, “Cops: 3 kids injured in car wash crash,” July 22, 2012

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