5 things not to do in the Emergency Room


5 things not to do in the Emergency Room

A Harvard University analysis found that of more than 90,000 U.S. emergency room visits, one in four heart-attack patients waited 50 minutes or more to be seen by a physician. Experts attribute the long wait to too many patients and too few beds. Experts say that emergency rooms could be better organized.

If you find yourself in an emergency room that has long waits and rude employees, consider the following advice about what not to do while in the ER:

1. Don’t forget to call your doctor on the way to the ER;

If the ER doctor hears from a fellow physician, they are more likely to respond or do something to help. It also helps to put you on the radar.

2. Don’t use an ambulance unless you really need to;

Many people thing that if you ride into the ER from the ambulance that they will take you directly back, but this is not the case. They may still admit you to the waiting room if you are better off than another individual.

3. Don’t be quiet;

Asking for the person in charge may help you. If someone says “Wait,” but you really need help. Make sure you speak up and say something about it.

4. Don’t get angry, don’t lie; and

While it may be easy to raise you voice or treat people poorly because of your pain, it will not get help any faster. It also upsets the staff who may treat your poorly in return.

5. Don’t forget the phone.

If no one is helping you, and you are in severe pain and need help, look for a house phone, dial zero, and ask for the hospital administrator on call. Hospital Administrators do not like to hear that people are unhappy and can get you help faster.

Source: CNN

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