6 Email Etiquette Tips You Do Not Want to Forget

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Email Etiquette

As a lawyer, you know that communication is one of the most vital parts of your business. Whether it’s between you and your coworkers, your clients, or business related persons, your emails should reflect the professionalism of you and your firm.

-Respect: No matter who you are writing too, it can sometimes be hard to read expressions and tones through a computer screen. Your wording and what you say should be thought through. People can interpret things in a different way than you meant them hurting your relationship or reputation. Irony may be funny to some people in person, but can be very damaging or misunderstood in email format.

-Spelling and Grammar: Although this should be assumed, you would be surprised at how many people continue to write sloppy emails with misspelled words or improper grammar. Most email services provide basic spell checks but you should always read through your email at least once to make sure everything makes sense.

-Form: Always follow proper form. Make sure you address who you are writing the email to at the beginning. And that you close the email as well. Even though it may seem monotonous to do this every time, it shows your professionalism and that you are taking time to every response.

-Be careful of “Reply All”: Especially in the law field, there can be confidential information sent over email. Make sure that you are cautious who your response is being sent to. It can be easy to hit reply and for your email to be sent to a bunch of people you weren’t expected to read it.

-Not responding: Not taking the time to respond to an email can show someone you don’t respect their time. If you need more time, simply respond letting them know that it make take some time before you can respond properly to their email, but that you did receive it and have made note of it.

-Be concise: Be short and sweet. Email is not the place to explain things in a long drawn out way. If it is not something that you can respond to in a paragraph or two, you should probably set up a phone call or meeting to discuss more.

Email is a great tool if it is used wisely. If you practice these tips in your writing you can ensure success.

Have you ever been on the end of a sloppy or embarrassing work email? Share some of your experiences with us!

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