Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro – The Trip of a Lifetime


As many of you who read our blog know, Mr. Lance Cooper recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in February to help support an organization called Orphan Aid Liberia. The mission of the trip was to help raise money and support, so that this organization could help get the orphans in Africa the help and attention they need.

Lance was able to make this journey with his son Asa and Orphan Aid Liberia founder Daryl Roberts. When they returned, they shared with us how hard the climb was, but how beautiful the experience was as well. Not only did they have a wonderful experience making the climb, but the money they raised was able to help thousands of orphans and workers get the medical attention they need.

We wanted to share some pictures with you from the climb, considering they explain the trip so beautifully.


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For more pictures, check out our Facebook Album Here.

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