Cobb County Schools Have Had Three Recent Weapons Arrest- Have you talked to your child about weapons?

Administration at Wheeler High School found two unloaded guns after a student tipped off the school officials. The two students were arrested on Friday. The school principal, David Chiprany, sent out a letter to the parents but did not release the students’ names. A 17-year-old student allegedly had a Phoenix Arms Raven .25 caliber handgun in his front pocket. The serial number on the weapon had been defaced and was not able to be read. He faces charges for carrying a weapon in a school safety zone and possession of a gun with altered ID. The teen was released from jail on Saturday on a $16,720 bond.

There are no details about the second student’s arrest yet. David Chiprany said that any student who brings a weapon to school will be expelled. He also praised the student who reported the safety threat. “I want to commend the student who brought this situation to our attention. Students are a critical part of our ability to maintain a safe school campus. Please encourage your child to report any activity that they see or hear that they feel is a threat to their safety.”

Another related case was against Beth Marie Pannell, a 44-year-old woman, who was arrested for cruelty to children in the first degree and carrying a weapon in a school zone. Pannell was accused of hitting her 13-year-old son at Pine Mountain Middle School with a hammer multiple times with the wood size of the hammer. The hammer had fallen out of her jacket and the administration saw it. There was also an accusation that she used the metal claw side of the hammer to hit her son as well. There were marks on the child’s body to prove the damage.

Issues of weapons in school have become very common and are very alarming to parents. An important thing to do as a parent is to be open with your children about the issue and talk to them about their fears. Having an open relationship with your children can make them feel more safe and can increase your peace of mind. Sometimes a good conversation is better than taking away their video games and movies that have violence. You should also make sure your children know the difference between guns in the movies and gun use in real life and who should have a gun, and how it should be used.

Source: The Marietta Daily Journal, “Cobb Schools report 3 weapon-related incidents.” Lindsey Field, January 23, 2013.

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