Office Depot faces issues with not handling costumers well

The Gibson Office Chair exclusively sold by Office Depot, was revealed to have a bad weld that would break if you leaned too far back in the chair. Office Depot had a similar problem in April with their Biella chair which were made by the same furniture company and shared the same registration number. Office Depot recalled the chair in April in which the staff told customers to look for compensation from the importer who was not available to be reached by the public.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating to see if the Gibson poses the same problem found in the Biella. The Office Depot had to recall over 307,000 Biella chairs. Testimonies of many came in sharing how the Gibson had caused them injuries. Nancy Losey, from San Antonio, Texas, needed hip replacement after falling to the floor when her Gibson chair snapped. The major difference between to two chairs is that the Gibson was retailing at $40 and the Biella was retailing at $55.

Clearly consumers are very willing to share their opinions about a product defect, especially if the company does not handle the situation with care. It is very important to treat your customers with the utmost respect, because they are what make your company.

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