Georgia Car Accident Caused by Stolen Vehicle

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Being out on the road anytime can be dangerous, especially in the middle of the night. For one particular group turning at a Georgia intersection, being out at 4:30 a.m. was a decision that resulted in injuries for the three of them. They were involved in a car accident at the intersection when they were hit by a truck.

The accident happened as a truck allegedly ran a stop sign. When the crash occurred, two men left the vehicle and reportedly fled the scene of the accident. Police contend the vehicle was stolen from a neighboring state.

At the time of the report, police were still actively searching for the two men who fled and left the stolen car behind. Three people in the car they hit had to seek medical treatment at a nearby facility. While their injuries were reported as not life threatening, it is unclear how extensive they may have been.

The two men who apparently stole the vehicle and then crashed it on the Georgia roadway may surely face criminal charges related to the incident. Despite any criminal charges or how they play out, once the men are identified they may face a civil suit from the people they allegedly hit. If those who were injured were successful in pursuing a claim in a Georgia civil court, they may find themselves the recipients of monetary damages that may help them deal with the aftermath of the car accident. The group may have medical bills, lost wages or other expenses that damages awarded to them could cover.

Source:, “Search is on for 2 men who ran from accident involving stolen car,” May 2, 2013

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