Georgia Roadway Hit-and-Run Car Accident Leaves Man Injures

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Georgia Roadway Hit-and-Run Car Accident Leaves Man Injures

Riding a motorcycle down the highway or any other roadway can be an intimidating experience. Motorcycle drivers are statistically more likely to be hurt in a car accident than drivers of cars, trucks and SUVS. For one Georgia motorcyclist, being hit by a car has left him injured.

The accident occurred on a Sunday morning. The 22-year-old motorcycle driver was on an entrance ramp when a Jeep Grand Cherokee reportedly turned in front of the bike. The Jeep driver struck the motorcycle and the motorcycle driver had to be taken to a medical facility for treatment.

The driver who struck the motorcyclist apparently fled the scene. However, police do believe they have footage from an apartment complex that ties a specific vehicle to the incident. They are offering a reward for any information as to the owner or operator of the Jeep they believe to be involved in the accident.

Because the driver who allegedly caused this motorcycle versus car accident left the scene and is currently being sought by police, they may face criminal charges if and when they are found. Regardless of any potential or possible criminal proceedings or charges, the driver who injured the motorcycle driver may face a personal injury civil claim in a Georgia court. If an injured motorcyclist is successful in a claim against a driver who inured them then fled the scene, they may be awarded a monetary settlement that could be very useful when it comes to dealing with medical bills or lost wages that occurred as a direct result of the accident.

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