Georgia Woman Killed in Accident by Alleged Drunk Driver

One of the quickest ways to cause a fatal accident is for a driver to drink and drive. Those who choose to drink and drive usually do not pay as much attention to the roadway or their driving and thus are more frequently prone to accidents. Unfortunately, as they are also prone to losing control of their vehicles, many times these accidents can be fatal. In one Georgia incident, one alleged drunk driving incident turned into a fatal accident.

The accident began when one man had allegedly been drinking late on a Friday night in Georgia. As he was driving, he somehow lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle flipped over. His only passenger, a 21-year-old woman, was ejected from the vehicle. Later, she was pronounced dead at a nearby medical center.

Because of his actions, the man was charged with a variety of charges, including first degree vehicular homicide, drunk driving, open container, failure to maintain lane and reckless driving. While the investigation is underway, he has been since booked in the local jail. It does not appear that he sustained any injuries from the accident.

For the family of the woman who was killed in the fatal accident, there are no words to describe how heartbroken they must be. As they recover emotionally from this devastating crash and prepare to say their final goodbyes to the woman, they may consider filing a wrongful death. In this way, they may be able to pay for the final expenses of this young woman’s death, as well as pay for any pain and suffering that her death may have cause to those who loved her. To do so, they must first prove that her death was caused by the negligent actions of the car driver.

Source: The Telegraph, “Macon man charged in fatal accident,” Wayne Crenshaw, Aug. 25, 2012

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