Four injured after Georgia driver reportedly runs stop sign

Georgia Car Accident

One easy way to avoid a car accident in Georgia may be to obey all posted traffic signs. Unfortunately, sometimes even this piece of advice, which can save many lives, is something that many ignore. If one driver had only stopped his SUV at a stop sign, he may have been able to avoid a car accident and save himself, his passenger, and the people he ran into a trip to the hospital.

The accident happened when an SUV was traveling on a Georgia highway in the evening. According to the State Patrol, instead of stopping at a corner between a city road and a highway, the driver ran the stop sign. Unfortunately, a Ford F-150 was traveling in the other direction at the very moment the SUV ran the stop sign.

Four occupants from the vehicles involved were sent to the hospital. The SUV driver and his passenger were airlifted to separate hospital, whereas the F-150 driver and his passenger were taken by ambulance. Reportedly, all but the passenger in the SUV were subsequently released from the hospital. The passenger from the SUV was said to be in the intensive care unit.

This was a scary accident for all, and the prognosis for the SUV passenger is still uncertain. Hopefully, he will recover fully and quickly. In the meantime, the father of the young man driving the Ford pickup is simply glad that he is alive after witnessing the devastation of the crash.

When people are seriously injured in a car accident due to another’s negligence, Georgia law permits them to pursue claims for monetary reimbursement of damages suffered. Any compensation achieved is intended to cover medical costs and related damages, including any pain and suffering occasioned by the accident. While car accidents are never pleasant, a successful personal injury claim can at least help absorb the financial burden that typically accompanies such a frightening and unexpected event.

Source:, “UPDATE: Worth County wreck sends 4 people to the hospital,” Taylor Sanders, Sept. 15, 2012

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