Georgia driver loses fight for life after horrific truck accident

One of the common reasons for a truck accident is that often truckers forget that the size of their vehicle limits the speed of which they can turn. Truckers can sometimes underestimate speed and distance, which subsequently can lead to hold-ups in traffic or, more tragically, a truck accident. Unfortunately for one Georgia driver, who was fatally injured after a truck turned in front of their car.

The accident happened when a driver was traveling west on Ga. 316 in a Nissan Maxima. All of a sudden, a semi-truck that had been traveling east towards the car attempted to turn left in front of it onto Hurricane Trail. The car’s driver was unable to avoid striking the truck.

Their collision was so hard that the Nissan became wedged beneath the trailer of the truck. In order to even get to the driver, the emergency crew that responded had to use air bags and large timbers so that the semi-truck could be lifted from the ground and the Nissan dragged out. Afterwards, they had to cut the driver from the car. Surprisingly, the driver lived long enough for the emergency crews to administer medical attention before they were sent to local Gwinnett Medical Center in critical condition. However, unfortunately, the driver later died as a result of the serious injuries sustained.

For the surviving family of the victim, there are no words that can describe how painful it must have been to have lost them after a long and agonizing battle to survive the crash. While nothing can replace the person who is gone, under Georgia law, the family may be able to file for monetary compensation from the truck driver, who is currently facing criminal charges for the truck accident. This way, family members may be able to cover the sometimes expensive costs associated with medical and final expenses accrued, as well as any expenses related to pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Charges pending in fatal Ga. 316 crash,” Mike Morris, Sept. 27, 2012

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