Harley recalls motorcycles to avoid defective product injuries

Harley Recall

In terms of product deficiencies, the primary manner in which the public becomes aware of a problem is through product recalls. When a recall is issued for a particularly dangerous or defective product with a high risk of leading to injury or death, the decision often gains widespread media coverage, in Georgia and across the nation. This has been the case with the recent recall of 6,663 Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The company is recalling all VRSCDX models built in 2012, as well as a certain number of the 2013 version. The recall is due to a problem with the mounting screws for the license plate bracket assembly. The company claims that the screws could become loose, which could allow the assembly to come apart from the rear fender. This could allow the license plate bracket to make contact with the rear tire, something that could eventually cause brake line damage.

Although it would require this chain of events to occur before becoming a safety problem, the company made the determination to recall the bikes and address the issue. Harley-Davidson is planning to get in contact with all owners of the affected models, and will have dealers available to inspect the bikes and make any necessary repairs. There are an estimated 2,798 affected motorcycles in the United States.

There have been no problems or injuries reported thus far in connection to this potential safety issue, and Harley-Davidson has acted preemptively to address the problem. Not all vehicle manufacturers are so careful, however, and serious or even grave injuries can occur when a dangerous or defective product is allowed to remain on the road. For anyone who is harmed by a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle that is believed to have been defective, it is imperative to gain full knowledge of one’s rights under the law. There are avenues of legal recourse available to Georgia consumers who are harmed by the products in which they placed their trust.

Source: The Business Journal, “Harley-Davidson recalling nearly 7,000 motorcycles,” Jeff Engel, Oct. 29, 2012

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