Man Flees Fatal Hit-and-Run Car Accident in Georgia

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Man Flees Fatal Hit-and-Run Car Accident in Georgia

A fatal car accident is bad enough. However, when the fatal car accident is caused by a driver who then flees the scene, it can seem even worse. Unfortunately, in a recent Georgia incident, this appears to have happened when a man fled a crash scene.

The accident happened when two cars crashed. A 19-year-old mother was killed. Her 21-year-old passenger was seriously injured, though he was later reported to be in stable condition. Fortunately, the mother’s infant daughter sustained no serious injuries.

The other driver apparently wasn’t injured at all. According to eyewitnesses that arrived at the scene after the crash, the man fled the scene into the Georgia forests. It took police until the next morning to find him, when they realized another startling truth – the vehicle the man was driving was stolen back in 2010.

The driver, while already charged with a hit and run, may face charges related to the stolen vehicle. Georgia State Patrol is currently investigating the car accident. However, to the family who lost the woman and to the infant daughter who has now lost her mother, nothing can ease the fact that such a young woman was killed in an accident that, by all rights, shouldn’t have even happened. Nor does it fix the fact that a young man suffered such serious injuries.

For the young man and for the grieving family of the woman, they may have several options as the investigation continues. In addition to following the progress of any criminal charges, they may choose to file a claim against the driver. While this claim will never replace the woman who was lost in the accident, nor heal the man, there is a chance that it may help these families deal with any pain and suffering that they’ve encountered as a result of this accident by seeking full accountability based upon proffered proof of negligence that caused or contributed to the death and injuries. If it is proven that the car was stolen, insurance issues may impact any decision to move forward, and the right advice may help the deceased victim’s family and injured passenger sort out their legal options under Georgia law.

Source: Access North Georgia, “Suspect arrested in fatal hit-and-run wreck in Dahlonega,” Katie Crumley, Aug. 7, 2012

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