“Move Over” Marietta – It’s the law

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA- The Marietta Police Department is warning drivers to move over a lane when they pass any emergency vehicle that is stopped on the side of the roadway with their emergency lights flashing. If traffic in the lane next to you prevents you from making a safe lane change then you must slow down significantly and even be prepared to stop.

The “Move-Over Law” was passed in 2003 in an effort to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to police officers, paramedics, firefighters, wrecker operators, and highway maintenance workers by maintaining an open buffer lane between passing vehicles and authorized emergency vehicles. Drivers who violate the law can be fined $300 to $500 and have three points added to their driver’s license.

Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin said they are threatened by violators of the law every day, specifically on Interstate 75 between Bells Ferry Road and Windy Hill Road and along the Highway 120 loop and Cobb Parkway. “It happens more often than what gets told,” he said. “The Move-Over Law is violated on every roadway, but we see it more so on the busier streets where there is a higher volume of traffic.”

Marietta Police Officer Justin Rutland wants to remind drivers that, “Ignorance of the law does not justify the negligence.” He suggests that “as soon as you see lights and can make a safe lane change, move into the other lane. It’s best to get as much distance between you and the emergency vehicle. I’d like to see you crawling if you have to stay in that lane.”

“MOVE OVER” Marietta!  It’s the law but more importantly, it can save a life!

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