Teenager runs from Marietta police, kills one, injures another

There are no guarantees that your teenage children will listen to your advice about who they should and should not spend time with. Teenagers are headstrong and sometimes fall in with the wrong crowd, including those teenagers that drink and drive. If your child is involved in a fatal car accident because his or her friend was driving drunk, you may want to hold that driver responsible.
After a recent accident in Marietta, one family may be considering a wrongful death suit because their 16-year-old was killed as his allegedly drunk friend tried to run from police. Cobb County police initially tried to pull over the vehicle in which the victim was riding after the driver made an illegal U-turn, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Instead of stopping, the driver tried to flee, but crashed the car after hitting two curbs and then smashed into a concrete retaining wall.
Tragically, the 16-year-old died at the scene of the accident. In addition, another 16-year-old passenger was seriously injured in the accident and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. His condition has stabilized somewhat, but the teen needed emergency surgery after he was originally admitted to the hospital.
Police are unsure why the Georgia teen decided to try and out-run the police. While the pursuing officers noted that he had made an illegal turn, ran a red light and couldn’t stay in his lane, all indicating he had been drinking, toxicology reports are still pending. Regardless of why, this teenager’s carelessness about his and his friends’ safety has left one friend dead and the other struggling to recover in an Atlanta hospital.
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Police: DeKalb teens killed in fiery Cobb crash,” Alexis Stevens, Feb. 20, 2012

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