Toyota Unintended Acceleration – What NHTSA doesn’t want you to know

The Federal government is at it again. Toyota has spent tens of millions of dollars over the past few years trying to convince the Federal government and the public there are no electronic problem with its vehicles that cause unintended acceleration. Toyota was able to convince the NHTSA to conclude there was no electronic-base cause for unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles. NHTSA reached its conclusion despite the substantial evidence showing that many unintended accelerations appear to be due to a problem with the electronics in the vehicle.

Now, it appears that NHTSA is covering up other evidence showing that there is an electronic-base cause for some of these unintended accelerations. Below is a link to safety expert, Sean Kane’s blog describing an unintended acceleration incident involving a Toyota Prius driven by a Federal employee which, apparently, NHTSA does not want the public to know about.

Government Officials Video Electronic Unintended Acceleration in Toyota: NHTSA Hides Information, SRS Sues Agency for Records
By: Sean Kane- Safety Research and Strategy, Inc.

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