Our final thoughts on 2020

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Our thoughts as we say goodbye to 2020



This has been an unprecedented year for our world, for our country, for our businesses and for our friends and families. Never before have fear and uncertainty hit so many of us at the same time. Every one of us was forced to refocus this year as we began spending time together that mattered in both quantity and quality. We looked around and realized, when all was said and done, what mattered most was each other. We spent time outdoors. We had meals together at home with our family every day. With the world shut down, the only people that we needed to talk to were right in front of us or just a facetime away. It made many of us realize how blessed we truly are. And it also became clear that many in our community and country do not have the same safety and comfort that we all have come to take for granted.

So many in our community faced hardships they thought they might never overcome, so this year we took extra time to really see how we could provide immediate relief to those around us. Besides supporting these groups throughout 2020, we made sure our thank you gift to many of our attorney partners featured gifts from the below organizations that we hope brought them comfort and joy.

Cobb Community Foundation: Cobb Community Foundation manages charitable funds for local individuals, families, for-profit and non-profit organizations who are all connected by their passion for making a difference in our community.

Cobb County Bar Children’s Emergency Fund: The Children’s Emergency Fund assists students and their families with emergency financial needs in Cobb County and Marietta City Schools.

The And Campaign: We encourage you all to check out co-founder of the And Campaign and fellow trial lawyer Justin Giboney’s book Compassion & Conviction. It serves as a guide to navigating the current divisive political climate by empowering us to bridge the gap between faithful devotion and civic action.

Sackcloth and Ashes: For every blanket purchased on their website, Sackcloth and Ashes donates one to a local homeless shelter. For Giving Tuesday they upped that to 4 blankets for every 1 purchase.

Live 2540: Formerly Orphan Aid Liberia, Live 2540 provides life-saving nutrition to children in the African countries of Liberia and now Burkina Faso.


We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope for a safe and prosperous 2021.

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