How to prepare for your personal injury case

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How to prepare for your personal injury case

When you are the victim of an injury whether it is a car accident, slip and fall, or any other sort of negligence, it can be easy to lose track of the details. If you plan on pursuing a lawsuit, you will need to be able to prove with evidence that your damages were significant. Although this is what an attorney helps with, there are a few things you can do to help prepare for your personal injury case.

1. Go to the doctor. It can be very hard to prove you had significant damages or injuries if there is not a doctor’s note to prove it. Having their comments and prescriptions written down can be very helpful later on to show that you were indeed injured.

2. Write EVERYTHING down. Cases can take months to settle, so it is always in your best interest to write down the event and its details while it is fresh on you mind. You can always go back to your notes to recall specific details.

3. Document with photos. Considering some of your injuries may heal, it is crucial to take pictures of your injuries and damages. Pictures can help you prove damages months later. Make sure you take clear pictures and date them.

4. Keep all your documents. Whether its emails, medical bills, insurance letters, all of these will help you in your case and you may need to reference them later. Keeping them all together and in one place will make them easier to reference.

5. Gather your witnesses. If anyone else was present at the time of your injury, make it a point to gather their contact information so that you may potentially use them to testify later on.

6. Do not post anything regarding the accident to social media. Although you may be eager to share, you post on social media can be used against you, especially if you pursue a case. See our post on ‘10 ways to ruin your claim using social media.’

6. Find a lawyer. Look for an attorney who specializes and has experience in your case.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, it could make or break your case. Having this information on hand can also help you as you consult with an attorney. If you have any questions about a potential injury case feel free to call our firm at 770-427-5588.

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