Recall Round-Up: June 9, 2021

recall round-up



Recall Round-Up: June 9, 2021

This edition of the Recall Round-up features major product recalls from HSN, Ford Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, and Ram Trucks.


  • HSN

Late last month HSN issued a recall on their Joy/JM-branded My Little Steamer and My Little Steamer Go Mini for a burn hazard. The recall comes after more than 100 people were burned by hot water spraying and leaking from the products. Around 5.4 million units were recalled in the United States as well as 14,300 units that were distributed in Canada. The CPSC has advised users to stop using the steamers immediately and to contact HSN directly for a refund. Consumers can contact HSN toll-free at (855) 654-0942. Consumers seeking further details on the recall can visit for more information.


  • Ford Motor Company


Ford has issued a recall on 192,080 Transit Connect cargo and passenger vans manufactured from 2013-2021. The recall also includes 12,629 vans distributed in Canada. This recall applies to those vans produced with the 6F35 6-speed transmission. A faulty brushing can degrade or detach, severing the connection between the transmission and the shifter cable. This can inhibit the vehicle from fully engaging the park system, allowing the vehicle to roll freely when the driver believes the car to be in park. Ford is not aware of any injuries due to this defect. This is not the first time Ford has recalled vehicles with this issue. In 2018, Ford recalled more than 500,000 Fusion and Escape models manufactured from 2013-2014 due to the same issue. If you are the owner of one of these vehicles stop use immediately and contact Ford at 1-866-436-7332, the recall number is 21S44.


  • Kia Motor Corporation

Kia is again recalling another batch of vehicles due to a fire hazard. This round includes 283,803 Optima sedans manufactured from July 2013 to October 2015 as well as 156,567 Sorento SUV’s produced from June 2013 to December 2014. A leaking hydraulic electronic control unit can cause a short circuit within the engine possibly causing a fire. Kia’s previous fire hazard recalls involved faulty oil pans, catalytic converters, fuel leaks, and oil leaks. Kia advises customers affected by this recall to park their vehicles outdoors and away from structures till the vehicle is repaired. If you are affected by this recall you can contact Kia at 1-800-333-4542. If you are not sure if your vehicle is affected, you can visit the NHTSA website and use your vehicles VIN number to view active recalls for your specific vehicle.


  • Ram Trucks

Fiat Chrysler has issued a recall for over 500,000 Ram trucks that feature dual rear wheels, more commonly referred to as “duallys”. The recall covers certain Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500 models from 2012-2021. The issue is with incorrect torque specification in the owner’s manual for the lug nuts. If the lug nuts are tightened to much, damage to the wheel studs can occur, allowing for wheel separation during travel. Fiat Chrysler states that the lug nuts are attached correctly during manufacturing and that the condition for separation can arise when wheel are replaced or repaired under the specifications in the owner’s manual. Fiat Chrysler has instructed dealers to replace the owner’s manuals with the correct specifications as well as replace any lug nuts that were installed/re-installed using the incorrect specifications. Affected customers can contact the Chrysler Group Recall Assistance Center at 1-800-853-1403.


If you have been injured as a result of a recalled product, please contact us today. We also encourage anyone to visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration websites to file formal complaints about potential safety hazards.

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