Safety Tips on Treadmills

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Safety Tips on Treadmills

Danger is not something often associated with the gym, but any sort of work out equipment poses safety risk. In May 2015, Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, went to the gym for a workout while on vacation with his family. While on the treadmill, Goldberg fell and cracked his head open. It was nearly three hours later before his brother found him. Goldberg died of head trauma and blood loss after being transported to Hospital San Javier in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Golberg left behind wife Sheryl Sandber, COO of Facebook, and two children.

It should always be a priority to think of safety whenever you are working out. There are a few things you can do to practice good safety before and while working out.

Know your health history and status

Before working out you should know the current status of your health. Although there are some circumstances where healthy individuals have had heart failure, you can always be screened for coronary issues. Keep factors such as age, gender, stress and family history in your mind before you start a work out. Know your limits and what you can handle.

Be on the lookout for warning signs

If you start to get lightheaded or are suffering from shortness of breath, take a break and do not push yourself. People tend to ignore these warning signs because they think it is just part of working out, but it could a warning that there isn’t enough blood going to your brain. Keep an eye out for tingling in arms or back. These can be warning signs for heart issues. Passing out on a treadmill can be incredibly dangerous, so it is better to step off and take a seat.

Have a buddy

Going to the gym alone can be very risky. Always tell someone where you are going and have someone come along with you. It could mean the difference between life and death if someone sees you fall or get hurt.

Get rid of distractions

It can be easy to want to play with your media player or answer emails or texts while working out, but distractions can be very dangerous. If you are on a machine you have never been on, you should be extra cautious in order to get use to the machine and the way it works. Even watching TV can cause problems if you are not comfortable on the machine.

Use the machines safety tabs

Although rarely used, they are there for a reason. These safety tabs will automatically stop the machine in case of an emergency. They can also prevent a fall. If you do fall and the treadmill belt it is still on, your injuries could be much worse. It may not look cool, but it could save your life.

Make sure the treadmill is positioned in a safe place.

If there is something like a wall or sharp object you wouldn’t want land on around the treadmill, move it before getting on. If you are moving fast and need to jump off, you want to have a safe landing.

If we are being honest, a treadmill is going to improve your health more than it will harm it, but that doesn’t mean that safety should be disregarded. Any piece of large equipment can cause injuries, so it is important to use the best safety habits.

We are deeply sorry for the Goldberg’s loss and wish peace and comfort for the family during this tragic time.

Source: Yahoo, CNN

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