Two Jurors Jailed for Using the Internet

March 6, 2013

Two Jurors Jailed for Using the Internet A juror who chose to look on the Internet to research her case and the lawyers  ended up in jail for four days right before Christmas. The lead for the plaintiff’s team, Jane Sams said, “She admitted in open court she was trying to determine who to vote…

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Twitter post resulted in a woman’s damages decreasing in court

January 14, 2013

Twitter post resulted in a woman’s damages decreasing in court Omiesha Daniels’ Twitter posts were used against her in court after her car accident in 2011. With a broken arm and a forehead laceration, Daniels claimed that she was unable to do her job as a hair stylist. Defense attorney J. Robb Cruser showed the…

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The Georgia Court of Appeals’ Decision on Offer of Settlement Rule Stands (for now)

September 21, 2012

The Georgia Supreme Court has denied a petition for certiorari requesting review of last year’s Court of Appeals’ controversial interpretation of fee-shifting under the offer of settlement rule created in the 2005 tort reform package. Under the offer of settlement rule, a party can be ordered to pay the other side’s attorney fees if it…

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Governor Signs Open Records Rewrite Into Law

April 28, 2012

A revision of the Georgia’s Open Records Act was signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal last week to strengthen the public’s access to records and documents. The bill, known as House Bill 397, is the first major rewrite of Georgia’s sunshine laws in more than 10 years. The revisions increase fines for offenders with a…

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Taxmasters hit with 195$ million judgement

April 20, 2012

TaxMasters Inc., a Texas-based tax advisory firm, has been sentenced to pay $195 million in restitution and civil penalties for defrauding its clients. About $119 million will be used to pay back defrauded consumers.  Their CEO and founder, Patrick Cox, has been ordered to pay $46 million of the verdict handed down by the Texas…

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“Move Over” Marietta – It’s the law

February 27, 2012

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA- The Marietta Police Department is warning drivers to move over a lane when they pass any emergency vehicle that is stopped on the side of the roadway with their emergency lights flashing. If traffic in the lane next to you prevents you from making a safe lane change then you must slow down significantly…

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Two Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Disbarred for Using Runners

December 13, 2011

The Georgia Supreme Court recently disbarred two Atlanta personal injury attorneys, Steve Freedman and Thomas Sinowski for using “runners” from April 1995 through April 1999. The use of runners (a non-lawyer who is paid by a lawyer to recruit, recommend, or direct people to use the services of that lawyer) is strictly prohibited. Under O.C.G.A.…

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Under-ride guards on tractor trailers still failing-death likely

April 14, 2011

In 2009, approximately 3,163 people were killed as a result of a crash with a tractor trailer. At leaset 97 of those deaths were reported in Georgia. Many of these accidents were caused by a passenger car rear ending the tractor trailer and becoming imbedded under the truck body. These types of accidents are referred to…

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The Georgia Court of Appeals Decision on Offer of Settlement Rule Stands for Now

March 27, 2011

The Georgia Court of Appeals just issued a significant decision for consumers. The case is Austell Healthcare, Inc. v. Scott , (A10A2346, March 11, 2011). Dan Scott was employed by Austell Healthcare in Austell Georgia when he was injured in a vehicle collision. Travelers Indemnity was Austell Healthcare’s worker’s compensation insurer. Mr. Scott sued the parties that…

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How the Insurance Law Affects You

December 6, 2010

Did you know that the Georgia legislature passed a law that could save you tens of thousands of dollars – and some unnecessary headaches? It’s true. An insurance law allows Georgians to buy uninsured motorist coverage that stacks on top of liability coverage. Here’s how it works: If you are injured in an accident which…

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