Two Teenagers Killed In Fatal Car Accident in Cobb County

Two Teenagers Killed In Fatal Car Accident in Cobb County

Marietta, Georgia- Two teenagers were killed early Saturday morning in a crash on Sandy Plains Road. The accident was at Kinjac Drive in Marietta at about 3:21 a.m. in the morning. The Cobb County Police reported that a silver 2001 Volvo S60 was going northbound on Sandy Plains Road at a high speed when the driver lost control and the car crossed the southbound lanes and struck a brick sign just north of Sprayberry High School. After the vehicle crashed into the brick sign, it caught fire and the driver and passenger were both killed as a result.

The driver was identified to be 19-year-old Stephen Nolasco, and the passenger was 18-year-old Matthew Bennett both from Marietta. Investigators said the two had just left a party and were less than half a mile from home.

There was a good group who came to the site where the two men were killed. Many were crying and devastated at the loss of their dear friends. Their friends said that the two young men were inseparable and did everything together. Both graduated from Sprayberry High school and now attended Georgia Perimeter College.

Cobb County Police are still looking into what caused the driver to lose control.

Source: Marietta Daily Journal, “Friends remember two teens killed in crash on Sandy Plains Rd.” February 04, 2013.

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