27 Vehicle Fiery Car Crash in Montrose Georgia

27 Vehicle Fiery Car Crash in Montrose Georgia

Over two dozen vehicles collided in a pileup near Montrose on Georgia Interstate 16 Wednesday morning. The foggy morning combined with a a controlled burn had been permitted nearby the day before resulted in the death of at least three people and several other injuries. Troopers are looking to see if they controlled fire lasted until Wednesday morning. The Laurens County EMS director Terry Cobb shared that there were still six vehicles that were on fire when the crew arrived and the fog has lifted quite a bit.

There were a total of 27 vehicles involved in four separate accidents. The accidents all occurred around 8:00 a.m. in the morning. Of the 27 vehicles, six were commercial vehicles one of which was a petroleum tanker truck which caught fire.

“The tank itself was not burning from the back. It was still silver – you could see that,” said Martha Strickland, who passed through the smoky scene shortly after the crashes.

“We had to creep by because, you know, it was just so much smoke and to keep us from getting in a wreck, and we were on eastbound and that was in westbound.”

The accident shut down a seven mile stretch of the highway that is between Savannah and Macon.

Source: WSBTV: “Authorities: 3 dead in fiery highway crash in Ga.” Wednesday, February 6, 3013.

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