Narconon Request for Summary Judgement Denied by Dekalb Judge

Narconon Request for Summary Judgement Denied by Dekalb Judge

DeKalb County judge, Stacey Hydrick denies majority of a drug rehab clinic’s request for summary judgment lawsuit over the overdose and death of heroin of a patient. Judge Hydrick ordered that a jury should decide whether Narconon of Georgia was responsible for the death of Patrick Desmond.

Narconon had argued that even though all facts were true, Desmond’s family had not shown enough evidence that the rehab could have prevented his death. Judge Hydrick granted summary judgment in favor of Narconon on request to bar punitive damages because the plaintiffs lack of evidence that Desmond suffered conscious pain and suffering.

The plaintiffs accused Narconon of misrepresenting itself as a residential drug treatment facility when it is just an outpatient program. Judge Hyrdrick ruled the non-profit “intentionally, willfully and repeatedly provided false and misleading responses to plaintiff’s discovery requests regarding issues relevant to the resolution of this case.” It substitutes scientology teaching for legitimate rehabilitation services. Narconon also did not prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Even though it is fair to hold someon accountable for their own conduct, and most addicts find a way to get drugs, Narconon did not take reasonable steps to prevent their patients from getting drugs and alcohol.

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